Where do you deliver?

Our delivery area is always growing, but currently we deliver to eastern Queens (Bayside to Bellerose), all of Nassau County (if you live in Nassau and it says we do not deliver to you please email us so we can make it happen), and some western Suffolk (Huntington to Farmingdale).  If we do not deliver to your area please let us know that you are interested, and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Delivery or Pickup date and time windows?

Deliveries will occur Sunday and Wednesday evenings between 5-9pm depending on where you are on the route.  If you are picking up food at a location, please see the next question.

What time can I pick up my meals at the location of my choice?

Pick  Up at Siege Athletics - Mineola, after 8 AM Monday and after 4PM Wednesday 

Pick Up at NXT Sports Nutrition - Astoria, after 11 AM Monday and after 5PM Wednesday

Pick Up at Nutrition Zone - Rockaway, NJ after 1 PM Monday and After 3PM Thursday

Do you need to be home for delivery?

No, due to our custom made insulated delivery bags. The food will remain fresh as long as you receive it with in 3 hours of delivery. If you are going to be gone for longer please contact us and we can work out a delivery time that works.

What is the $4.99 membership fee for?

We take pride in delivering FRESH meals directly to your door.  This process calls for a cooler delivery tote and ice pack.  The $4.99 fee is so that you get the freshest and coolest meals possible.  The fee is a one time purchase once you complete your membership form.  If you do not sign into your membership account the site will automatically charge you again.  PLEASE SIGN UP AND IN we don't want you to pay extra.  You are welcome to keep ONE cooler tote and ONE ice pack once the fee is paid. 

How do I remove the membership fee from my cart when I am an existing member?

If you are a member, go to the member page and log in before adding any meals into your cart.  Now the site knows who you are, you will not be charged if you have already paid the fee.  

If you already added have items in your cart, first please empty the cart completely.  Then log in to your account.  Finally add the meals you would like and proceed to check out.  This should avoid you from getting charged again.  If this does not work please contact us and we will be happy to help you through the process. 

What do I do with the delivery bag and ice pack?

We leave the bag with you for you to use as a tote or maybe a lunch bag to work till your next order.  At that time, we would like you to exchange the old bag for a new one that is full with your new fresh meals.  If you will not be home at time of delivery we would like for you to just leave the bag in the front of your residence and we will swap out the bags when we arrive. 

When does your order need to be in by?

All orders for Sunday evening need to be in before 3pm Friday afternoon and for Wednesday delivery all orders need to be by Monday by 8pm.

How long will the food stay fresh?

Due to the fact that we use the freshest ingredients our food usually stays fresh for a range of 3-5 days depending on the meal. We would not suggest eating seafood after 2-3 days.

How do I reheat my meals?

Each meal comes in a microwave safe container, just open the lid and place in the microwave. If you would like to use an oven, all you have to do is transfer the meal to a oven safe plate, and place if oven for desired amount of hotness.

What temperature are the steak dishes cooked to?

All of our steak dishes are cooked to the medium rare to medium zone, so when the reheating process occurs the meat should end up cook thoroughly but not a piece of rubber.

What if I have an allergy?

If you have an allergy and are uncertain about what is in a dish, please contact us and we can go through your cart meal by meal.

What are the portion sizes and how do i know which one is for me?

A small size is 4 OZ of protein, 1/3 cup of carbohydrates, and a serving of vegetables.

A medium is 6 OZ of protein, 1/2 cup of carbohydrates and a serving of vegetables.

A large is 8 OZ of protein, 1 CUP of carbohydrates and a serving of vegetables.

Our SMALL size is typically for a female trying to lose weight or maintain current weight.

Our MEDIUM size is usually for the average male trying to lose weight or a female trying to gain mass.

Our LARGE size is for the average male trying to gain mass or the above average sized person (height/build) trying to lose weight.

How was the nutritional information calculated?

Nutritional information was calculated by AnnMarie Ingenito, MS Ed, RDN. She is a Registered Dietician and former professor at Queens College, who has decades of practice in this field.

Why is the discount code NOT working on my Meal Plan?

Meal Plans are already discounted bundles of meals and because they are discounted a code cannot be applied to it further.  A little TIP the more days in the meal plan there larger the discount.

Where can I adjust, skip a week, or even cancel my Weekly Subscription Meal Plan?

You can log in here, http://eat-better-meals.myshopify.com/tools/checkout/front_end/login. There are many options here including adjusting your plan, adding other plans for a spouse or child, and also changing forms of payment.