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Customer Spotlight: Real Reviews with Our Meal Prep Services

At EBM, our mission has always been to make healthy eating convenient and enjoyable for our valued customers. We want to shine a spotlight on some of our inspiring customers and share their real reviews of EBM.

“I waited a few weeks to post a review just so I had the opportunity to try many items and give an accurate review. I am very very happy with almost all of my choices all the time. I have tried a few dishes that I don’t like but isn’t it true even at your favorite restaurant sometimes you don’t like something. I have some favorites like the beef fiesta bowl and the Zatar shrimp. They honestly have really tasty items and they use fantastic seasonings. The food is not boring at all !!! Everything is always fresh. They are also really good at communicating if you have a question they reply pretty quickly.” 

-Denise DiBlasi (local guide) 

“My husband and I have been ordering EBM weekly for more than six months. All the food is really delicious, high quality with revolving options so you never get sick of eating the same meals all the time. The team is so accommodating and we never have issues or errors when it's delivered. We even got the chance to scope out their kitchen during a pickup. We were very impressed with how clean the facility was! We have tried so many different meal services and EBM is the best!”

-Justina Pennisi 

“I've been ordering for 5 years now and love the food. I was 220 lb. and was able to get down to my goal weight of 190 lb. within a few months of consistently eating mainly Eat Better Meals dishes. The service is great for anyone trying to cut, maintain weight, gain muscle or simply eat healthier; the food is well prepared - you're not getting any nonsense in the meals.”

-Eric Drezner

“Compared to the meal prep services advertised online such as factor and freshly, the quality from EBM blows it out of the water, the online services are glorified TV dinners whereas EBM is real, authentic wholesome food. Will definitely order again.”

-Dylan Dennis

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