F45 Challenge Meals


We have teamed up with your local F45 to supply challenge entrants with their meals. We will be following the nutritional scheme of the F45 Challenge. Our EBM Meal Plans will be custom tailored to your needs as a Challenge Entrant. 

For those of you new to Eat Better Meals, we suggest that females should go with the SMALL size, and males should go with the MEDIUM. This is specifically for weight-loss purposes. And the LARGE is for the very super active above sized human being or a gorilla, trying to lose weight. 

The meals that we are specifically offering are Lunch/Dinner choices. Below we have given you two options, you can either pay as you go week by week or if you would like to purchase all 8 weeks in one shot, you can. We have given a large discount on that option. 

Weekly Plan 8 Week Plan